Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Tori's B-day Party

We decide not to go all out for Tori's birthday since she won't remember any of it. 
We cooked a superb looking ham and had to take a pictures of it because we were so proud. 
We invited some family over for dinner and cake. Nothing too elaborate. 
We found a perfect size cake for Tori at Basha. 
how cute is this. 
She was so happy she was clapping her hands in this picture. 


After she was done getting cake everywhere, including eyes and hair it was time for a bath. 
Then we opened presents. 
She got a new big girl car seat from Brett and I. 

She got a matching outfit from Halle and Feltners
She got some more clothes and (musical) toys from my family. 
Thank you to everyone who came to celebrate. 
I hope this next year with Tori is just as fun and exciting. 

Monday, January 19, 2009

Miracles Happen

Check out this nice little highlight on youtube from the game. 

After a first look at the Arizona Cardinals this year, I figured they would not be good. It would be like every year we see them; they are always an okay team. Never in a million years did I think, or anyone think they would be saying that the Cardinals would be Super Bowl 43 Champions. But after watching this team in the playoffs and seeing that they seem to win their games easily, I can say that it is possible they could win the Super Bowl this year. It looks as if they could be Super Bowl champs if they do everything necessary to win like they have been. And with the way they are playing, I don't see anyone who can match them right now. It is like they are on a higher level right now than anyone else. What do you think?

Will the Cards shock the world by winning Super Bowl 43?

Sunday, January 18, 2009

Tori's 1st B-day!!!

I think I am finally up to date posting. Wahoo!

Victoria Celeste Gordon is now one years old. 
Time has gone by so fast. 
I really wish it would stop now.  
She has brought so much joy to our life this past year. 
We love you Tori!

(click on image to enlarge)

Now and Then

Mrs. Tiffanie White.

My friend Tiffanie Criswell married Joshua White last Friday the 9th. 
I am so happy for her. Welcome to the club hun. 
It was a beautiful ceremony. 
We met each other in training class at the University of Phoenix. 
So we've known each other for 4 years now.
Here are some pictures I took. 

MaKenna's Birthday

We had the chance to go to East Mesa and hang out the Alan and Tiffany's daughter MaKenna on her first birthday. MaKenna and Victoria were born 6 days apart. Even though they are the same age they have developed very differently. It's always fun to see the different stages the two of them go through. 

Kisses from mom are the best. 

New Years in Utah

We had a wonderful time in Utah over the new year holiday. It was planned last minute but everything went perfect. I like to take a lot of pictures as you can see. But I figure the more the merrier.
Tori was looking at the snow on the ground and was trying to figure it out.
She thought it was pretty cool though.
(thumbs up.)
Cousin Randy was giving Tori some love.
We spent New Years Eve in Panguitch Utah with Brett's sister Natalie and her family
I have no pictures from New years eve because I was afraid if I took my hands out of my pocket they would fall off because it was so cold.
The next day we spent in Spanish Fork and that night it snowed.
We haven't seen snow fall in many years.
Brett's poor truck had no idea what was going on.

Yeah snow!
Brett had to shovel. Ha ha
But we are glad we don't have to do it everyday.

We were able to meet up with some people from my mom's side of the family
Here are a bunch of my cousins.
Aunt Tomoko and Uncle Sten
Great Grandma Kay, Aunt Kris, Uncle Kit,
and my second cousin Josephine. (sp?)
cousin Charity, Aunt Kari, Uncle Nate, Aunt Kitt and Emmalyn
Charity's Baby Emmalyn
Cousin Beth and her new baby boy.
Three babies were born within one month on the Thoreson side.
Emmalyn, Tori, and Joshua
Thanks to everyone who was able to meet us for Pizza
I really appreciate it. Especially with such short notice.
Tori got to try broccoli in Utah for the 1st time and she loved it.

Tori was so good in the car. But I can't take most of the credit I owe it all to the Baby Einsteins.

This was taken somewhere in southern Utah at a gas station.
This was my first indication that I had no hope of being warm during my Utah trip.
Grandpa Vic and "Vicki" loved hanging out together.

Tori loved hanging out with all of her cousins.
Natalie and Brett. ah.
Tori walked Grandma all around the house.
Grandma Gordon loved every minute of it.

Brett and I were able to go sledding with some of our nephews and nieces.
It was a little cold but super fun.

Brett and Ashlee

Silly Lewis
Me and Lissa sledding together

Tori got a new fun toy for her birthday.
Thanks Grandma and Grandpa Gordon

We had fun in Utah and enjoyed the snow but realized we don't ever really want to live in it.