Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Happiest Weekend Ever!

Since Last year I have been dying to go to Disneyland. My wish was granted 1 1/2 weeks ago.
The week before we started wondering what the heck we were going to do with Tori while we went on all the big rides. I asked my Dad on Friday if he just wanted to tag along with us. On Saturday he asked if he could just invite the rest of the family as well to come along. Of course I didn't care. On Sunday afternoon my ENTIRE (Jenny and her family and Nate in Flagstaff) decided they would join our Disneyland festivities. We were leaving 5 days later.
I was so excited to have all my family with me at Disneyland.
This is Brett and Tori in the hotel the night before.
The smartest thing we did was set up to dine with "Minnie & Friends- Breakfast in the Park"
We were able to get to the park right when the gates opened (you had to have a special ticket for that). And do the opening countdown with everyone. We went straight to Plaza Inn on Main St. and met Minnie Mouse and all her friends. Tori had to idea what to think at first.
All the characters spent one on one time at each table and tried to get Tori to smile. The buffet breakfast wasn't too bad either. We really didn't seem to eat to much because we were so distracted by all the characters. It was by far the best way to see tons of characters.
Hi Minnie
What up Max!
Playing Peek-a-boo with Tigger
Kissing Dale?
Chip and Dale fighting off Captain Hook so he won't put "Tinkerbell" in a lantern
She really was not a fan of hook. Especially because she had just watched Peter Pan like 17 times on the way to Disneyland.
Kissing Chip?

Kissing Minnie
Oh Eeyore perk up.
Mr. Rabbit what are you late for?
Look how pretty it was at the Plaza Inn.
Tigger came up and scared Brett.

Since we were there so early we ran on to all the major kid lines with Tori. It was great!
We rode Dumbo first! No wait time!!!

Took a ride on Finding Nemo! (a lot cooler then i thought, way to go Disney!)

Tori and I met Woody randomly walking around.

Parker and Tori crashed out pretty early in the day.
Hi Mickey!

Watching the parade

Hi parker
My Tinkerbell

Waiting for the firework show (right in the middle of Main St.)

So many people waiting for the fireworks.

Best firework show ever!
Disneyland was great!
We were pretty dang tired of walking by the end of the night. Especially since we were there from 7am-11:30pm

The next day we took a little trip to the beach.
It was pretty cloudy when we got there but it cleared up fast.

Shane, Jenny, Parker, Mom, Dad, Rachel, Scott, Nate, Tori, & Brett.

She loves her uncle (mate) Nate
I told Nate I wanted to write something in the sand so he told me just to write something.
Parker Loved the water, even though it was freezing.