Thursday, December 30, 2010

The Greatest Thanksgiving Ever

Picture overload time!
Sometime in July or August I decided I wanted to host The Greatest Thanksgiving Ever. Sometime in August I even sent out invites. I wanted it to be over the top and a little ridiculous. Brett's parents, my parents, my whole family, and Brett's two sister's and their families were able to come. I think there was 25 people who came to my house.

I made a turkey cake
and some pilgrim hats
What could be more fun then renting a jump house???
Yeah I couldn't think of anything either.

Even my dad got in there and played around with Tori and Halle
My friend Leilani, who is a professional wedding decorator, lent me her table clothes, chair covers, and linens. The pictures don't do it justice.
Vic carving the turkey
Gotta love the Joy on Jayden's face
After we ate I gave everyone Ugly Sweaters. I always wanted an Ugly sweater party and I figured that only way to get one is if I bought everyone one. We got a few good laughs out of it. Most of them "smelled like an old woman", and most were ichy.

The Marshall Family
The Feltner Family
The Williams Family
The Williams family and all our additions.
Vic and Joyce

The Anderson Family
We announced to our family right before we ate that we were expecting another baby.
Tori came out to dinner with a shirt that said I am a Big Sister.
It was great.
Realizing there are 4 people in this picture.... Priceless

Cute Parker
Randy and Halle
My Gangsta Brother Nate
After we ate and took ugly sweater pictures we all went and saw Harry Potter 7. Some of us it was the 2nd time. Can't think of better way to digest all the good food then watching a good movie.

The next night we had a very special visitor.
He even brought all the kids gifts.

Santa was telling me I was going to have another little girl so I would keep having more kids.

Tori also got to open her Christmas gift from Grandma and Grandpa Gordon cause we probably wouldn't see them again before Christmas.

Tori opens all her gifts this way. She just would rip a little off and then hand it to us.

A Princess kitchen

Special Delivery

Boy or Girl?
Which will be sent from heaven?
We will find out
July 2011

That's right we are due to have a new addition to the family on the 4th of July
(pray for a boy)

Birthday in Flagstaff

For my Brother Nate's Birthday we all went up to Flagstaff to visit him. I think he appreciated it but he never shows emotion. Brett was out of town but that didn't stop the rest of us from having fun. We all met up pretty early in the morning, we had cake and opened presents in the woods. Then we all went back to his house for some games. My family loves playing games.
Then we went to Red Lobster. Gotta love time with the family : )
my cute nephew Parker
Opening the gifts I got him.

Love this picture of my dad and Parker
Tori sure does love her uncle "Mate" Nate.
She is always glued to his side when he is around.

Happy Birthday Nate Dawg