Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Hi Aspen!

My friend Jessica just had her baby two weeks ago. I just posted about her baby Aspen's nursery HERE, and I just got the opportunity to take pictures of her beautiful family. Her husband is a firemen and we were able to go to the station and take pictures.
Here is a picture of Jessica with Tori in the hospital
Now a little less then two years she has her own. Congrats!
Beautiful Family!
Jessica, Scott, and Aspen

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Jenny's Baby shower!

I am finally getting to update my blog these past couple days. I have been busy working and planning Jenny's Baby Showers.
She had one in queen creek and the next week here in goodyear.
It was a lil' pumpkin themed shower.
Jenny got a lot of things she needed. We had great food and played fun games.
It was a pretty fun two weeks, just a lot of planning.
Thanks to all those who came!

Cutest Nursery Ever

My friend Jessica just had her 1st baby. I was able to go over there right before she had her and take pictures of her belly and her beautiful nursery. It is the cutest nursery i have ever seen. And she did it all herself. I am so impressed with it I had to share it with everyone else.

I can't wait to go and meet the baby and take pictures of her.
Welcome to the world Aspen!

Veteran's Day

This year we went to the Phoenix Veterans Day Parade. We had so much fun last year we went again this year. But this time Scott(my brother) was marching in it with his high school band. I brought Rachel(my sister) with us as well. It was just another warm november day. Me and Tori even got a little tan.
Here are some highlights.

waving high to everyone.
One of the highlights of the parade.
Suncity cheerleaders.

Scott's band.

Scott and his girlfriend.

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

The Cow Says.....

This just proves how cute she is. (not that anyone was questioning it)
I finally took a video of it!

Can you tell that I am proud parent.
I am sad I didn't ask her about a duck or chicken. She flaps her arms when I ask her about them.
Her favorite thing to say is "Mommy" over and over again.

Thursday, November 5, 2009

4 for 4

I hope everyone had a great Halloween. We sure did. We are very busy with parties to attend. My the time Halloween night actually came Brett and I were all Halloweened out.
Tori as you can see was a clown. She won two costume contests this year one at Brett's work and at the ward Trunk or Treat. Last year she also won two, at University of Phoenix and the ward trunk or treat. So that makes her 4 for 4!
But how can you resist this face?
First house she came to.
after she walked away and realized what she got she tried going back to the same house for more.
After a couple houses her purple pumpkin became to heavy and she would only carry around a little tiny pumpkin that could hold maybe one or two candies. Everyone laughed when she tried to hold it up to get candy. She would mostly grab the candy with her other hand and give it to me.

About the go trick or treating with the cousins.
(Don't they look so happy)

my niece Brooke.
(This was Tori's costume last year)

Michael Jackson

The Ghostbusters were out on patrol
Thanks Ghostbusters for protecting us!
Trying to wash out her hair
Doesn't she look like she could be the cotton candy lady from the state fair?
Her hair sure felt like cotton candy
I was super cool and rocked my new tattoos.
I sure got some funny looks at my ward party

At Brett's work it was the cool thing to dress up like each other.
Brett was GK (one of the managers)
Bob was Jon
She was so happy to hang out with dad at work

She cried when she saw her reflection for the first time.

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

typical sunday

I took pictures (of course) of our typical sunday.
Here is Tori getting mad at me for either doing her hair or trying to take another picture of her

Trying to be a big girl and put on her shoes by herself
yeah finally a good picture
coming home and eating a good meal.
This time it was Turkey burgers.

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

road trip to Utah

In October I went on a road trip with my Mom, Tori, and my sister Rachel. My mom had off school for fall break so we wanted to see her family and friend who was terminally ill. We had a wonderful journey. We got to see a lot of scenery and stop by FIVE temples to take pictures. I think I took my fair share of pictures for the month of October.
We stopped by my mother's best friend from high school and visited with her the last day she was awake and responding before she passed away 3 days later. We were glad to go when we did.
Here are some pictures of our adventures.
The many moods of Tori on our trip.
(Happy, being herself)

(screaming and crying for no reason)
(being adorable but not getting her way)

Zion's National Park

4 generations
(and my great grandmother is still alive but lives in California, Man I'm going to live along time)

Tori with her great grandma Kay

me and my cousins and sister rachel
love to see her like this
my cousin charity just had twins two weeks before we came so we got to visit with them

my other beautiful cousin Sefia
The newest temple to be dedicated.
Oquirrh mountian temple

Jordan river temple

best street to live in Utah
(I should have stole these signs)
beautiful creek by my grandma's house
Tori's great Grammie showing her how to feed the geese
draper temple

staying warm at the st. george temple

zion's national park
rachel and I

Visiting Nate at his house in flagstaff.