Monday, September 28, 2009

Happy Teeth

After many trials and errors I have successfully found a dentist office that I love.
The office does everything there.
I had a painful tooth and I went if for an examine and to be told I will need to get a root canal.
Well I did need one as I expected but they did root canals right there in the office. Usually that is rare to find an office that does. (I had even made an appointment with an different office for a possible root canal.) So happy I got everything at my one stop shop.
So if you are looking for a super nice office, nice employees and be able to get help asap look no further.

Estrella Falls Dentistry
14441 W Mcdowell Rd # B106
Goodyear, AZ 85395-2519
(623) 536-3264

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Master Bedroom

Have you ever loved a room in your home? I do. It's my master bedroom. Brett was kind enough to let me express myself in our room and I LOVE the results. I need a little more decor but you get the feel for it.
I finally got around to taking pictures of my bedroom today. So here ya go.
I got my inspiration from this room. Click Here.

Do you love the green?
Before and After
Before and After
Yes I painted all my furniture
Before and After
Before and After
The people who lived in my house before me left this dresser in the garage.
I am thankful they did

Love It!
I love being crafty!

Monday, September 21, 2009

This weekend we went on a spontaneous trip to San Diego. Seriously we talked about it on Tuesday and left Saturday morning. We needed a family vacation. We decided to go to SeaWorld because Tori loves fish and I have never seen a dolphin(even though I worked on a cruise ship in Hawaii). Here are some highlights of our adventure!
I love when they do this
San Diego Temple

Pooped out on the car ride home from all the fun!

Tori LOVED the sand. She just kept picking it up in her hands and throwing it in her hair.
I'm pretty sure I still haven't gotten it all out.
Random flower at the temple

The temple is so white it was hard looking at it in the sunlight.
So beautiful

My two favorite people

Waiting for the shamu show to start.

Crazy Tori chasing me.
She isn't always so cute and this proves it.
Tori doing her favorite thing
love this picture with Tori and her bear backpack and the sleeping polar bear in the background.

silly sea lion show.
They had some pretty amazing stuff like this stunt where he jumps over the bar while holding the ball on his nose
People jumping off two different shamu's
Pretty cool to see. Even cooler that I caught it!
surfing on Shamu
Look how high these things can Jump. Amazing!
I wanna ride

What are you looking at?

Being good in her stroller
finally a dolphin
Brett was really hoping the dolphin exhibit was closed so I wouldn't see one. I Win!

Also another highlight or rather lowlight of the trip I tried hopping in the back seat with Tori when we got in the SeaWorld parking lot. When I did I snagged my flip flop on something and it totally came apart. Luckily Brett had an extra pair of sandals in the trunk and we found a little shop inside where i could buy some my size. Whew.

Monday, September 14, 2009

Jaxon White

My friend Tiffanie White had her baby two weeks. He was 3 1/2 weeks early so it was so much fun to take pictures of a tiny baby. Here are a few of my favorite. There were many more that I couldn't decide from. Congrats Tiff.