Monday, May 26, 2008


Sorry I haven't posted anything in awhile. I guess I don't think I have anything interesting to add to this. We've just been busy working and talking care of Tori. We are currently looking for a place to live in the west valley and we need to move by June 29th and we're still not sure if we are going to rent or buy. With the time frame we are looking at we will probably end up renting a little longer. 
Other exciting news?.........
Krispy Kreme opened right next to my house. It's the only one open in Arizona. Me and Tori waited in the long line at 8am opening day. The fox news people were there and everything. We talked to the news/weather man for like 5 minutes more like Tori talked to him for 5 minutes. He was instantly in love with her.             I went back a week later at 10:45 PM and there was still a line of cars in the drive through. The lady said they open at 5am and close at 11pm and they are always swarmed with people. 
President Monson just announced an addition temple will be built in Phoenix. So the brings the total now to 5 temples in AZ. I can't to tour through them. 
Congrats to Kelly and Ron who just had their baby girl Riley on Friday!! We can't wait to see her. 

Thursday, May 8, 2008

Kelly's grad pics

I also had the chance to take Kelly Allen's graduation pictures yesterday. She was super photogenic and made my job very easy. Me and Tori checked out the photography spots before hand and took some of our own while we waited. 

Cassandra's Baby Shower

This weekend was also Cassandra baby shower. She is such a cute pregnant lady. I'm so glad that our daughters will be around the same age. Me and Cassandra like to do everything the same. We got married three weeks apart to Brett's. We color our hair the same. And now we both have babies at the same time. We have know each other since 6th grade so it's been quite fun seeing each others family grow up. I love you girl : )

Her daughter's name will be Pixie Marie
This was the house she had the shower at. Look how big it is. You can barely see Cassandra standing there.  This is only half the house I couldn't fit the rest in this shot. It was very beautiful inside as well. 

group pics

preschool graduation

So sorry that I haven't updated my blog in awhile. I have been pretty busy this past week. I got the chance to go to my sister in law Kristin's preschool and take their pictures. It was a busy two days but a ton of fun. Some of them don't like to smile and it's hard to get a group picture with everyone looking at me. 
This is our niece Halle (above)