Tuesday, August 24, 2010


Tori now attends Tiny Scholars Preschool. Put together by Brett's sister Kristin.
She was kind enough to allow Tori to start coming. Even though she's not 3. It will be good for her to interact with other kids and learn new stuff. Thanks Kristin you're the best
She is the youngest for sure and has a hard time following directions and taking turns.
She really enjoys learning the alphabet and numbers. She also loves painting and fishing.

Try to find the matching numbers on the duck.
She did!

Thursday, August 19, 2010


I am now the ripe old age of 20 something! I had a wonderful birthday! My family all spoiled me and I could not be more thankful for my husband. He totally out did himself this year.

Brett and I every year try to extend our birthday out as much as possible. I managed to celebrate it Thursday through Monday!

Thursday night I went out with Nate to see Step Up 3D! It was pretty good but you have to like that kind of dancing. If you don't like the previews you won't like the movie. Pretty cheesy and predictable but some AMAZING dancing.

Friday night I somehow tricked a ton of my co-workers to go to Applebee's afterwork. We had a blast just hanging out the talking. I did give myself a caffeine hangover though.(Now that I work out at the gym caffeine has an effect on me. If I drink it I have a very hard time sleeping that night, I made the mistake of drinking 3 cups of Mt. Dew around midnight. I couldn't sleep until 2 am and woke up at 5:30am. It was awesome)

After a few advil's I was good to go.

Saturday morning Brett took me to Black Bear Diner for my favorite breakfast food (eggs benedict)

Then we went and found my beach cruiser at Costco. Yes I had to test ride it around the store!

Brett then proceeded to take me shopping for some sassy clothes. He was actually very helpful in helping me pick shoes, jewelry and a new wallet. Thanks babe! Now I look read sassy!

That night Brett took me a very nice, very romantic dinner. We went to the melting pot! We got our own little secret booth, He had a vase with flowers and a card already sitting on the table when we got there. The Melting Pot even took our picture and put it in a frame for us. The food was spectacular as always! The meal lasted up 2 1/2 hours! I enjoyed every minute of it!

Sunday we had a mini Thanksgiving feast at my parents. We had smoked turkey and other wonderful side dishes. All my siblings hooked me up, and I won't need to buy anymore Chocolate for awhile. We ended the night watching Brian Regan and eating my favorite all american chocolate cake from Costco.

Monday Nate( my brother) again took me out to lunch at Ichiban. I mistakenly took a huge bite of Washabi thinking it was my avocado. Thanks Nate it was great food!

Thanks to everyone who made it so special for me! Special thanks as well to my in-laws for my new calorie counter!

Party at Applebee's
The Melting Pot!

My new bike! I love it!
Best cake ever
Me and Nate Dawg

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

sick zone

I am now going on 6 days of being sick. Can you believe it. I have had a horrible cough which seems to get worse with each passing day. I also have had a on and off fever as well as hot and cold flashes. (NO fun)
I pretty sure my work hates me for not working, my house hates me for not cleaning it, Tori hates me for making her watch 4 hours straight of Mickey Mouse (ok maybe not), and my husband hates me for not being able to sleep in the same room cause i will keep him up all night with my beautiful soothing cough.
Here hoping for tomorrow.

p.s. I have been still TRYING to work out. I will have to count stretching and simply getting off the couch as a work out. Only 11 more days to go.