Friday, June 25, 2010

Day 50

100 day work challenge: DAY 50!
Status: Feeling pretty darn good.
Workout: Boxing Circuit Class(hardest class ever) (I get to use my new pink boxing wraps)

I am feeling better and better about going to the gym EVERYDAY. I really had no idea if I would be able to stick with this or not. But being a stay at home mom makes it pretty easy for me. I just don't really make plans in the morning. (not that I use to before) The difference I see now is that I can now run a mile with no problem. I usually do 2 1/2 miles on some kind of machine. I don't hate the treadmill anymore. AND I'm not as sore after every workout.
I also cannot drink caffeine anymore. I body can't handle it anymore. I literally won't be able to sleep at night after I drink it. So.. goodbye sweet mountain dew(i do love you).
I am also darker than I have ever been (according to Brett). Tori and I go outside and swim alot now. I don't mind being sun-kissed.

P.s. On a different note we have now lived in our house for 1 YEAR! That year has flown by. I am loving my house more and more each day.

Friday, June 11, 2010

Twilight Party

Somehow, surprisingly I got invited to a Twilight/ Edward's birthday party last night(Thursday). It was a ton of fun and even though I knew very (very) little about Twilight I still enjoyed myself.
Here is the super cute invite.
We played Twingo (twilight/ bingo)

look at these super cute candle holders that were made

chocolate filled strawberry rose
We each received one of these as well.

The food and dessertS were so good that I am still feeling the effects of it now.

We all were assigned a character and had to bring a door prize for everyone that related to that character. Some people were super creative!
This was all possible because of this wonderfully talented/creative woman Vanessa Campbell.
Thanks for inviting me.
To see more of what she does click here.