Friday, December 25, 2009

It looked promising

Christmas Eve looked like a promising day. It was a day where we were going to visit Jenny in the hospital or her house, go look at temple light and eat a nice dinner with the family and finish up the night exchanging secret buddy gifts.... But there I was at 8pm Christmas Eve in a Walgreens bathroom puking my guts out, waiting for a prescription to be filled of percocet for my husband who had just returned from the ER. How did this
day end
so badly?

It started off with a nice text message at 6am that Jenny was in the hospital with
her epidural
already in place and her water broken. My thought were full of the events that were
to come
that day of holding my new nephew and taking care of Jenny.
After I awoke again around 8am I was in awful shape. I started instantly throwing
up and
could barely take of Tori running around. I gave in and went to my parents so they
watch her while I slept. My thoughts of holding little Parker that day were vanished.
Brett had a 1/2 day of work so a soon as he got home so did we. I went to bed again
at 1:00
and when I woke up at 2:00 Brett was hunched over in a ball having severe kidney
He had a kidney stone before and the symptoms were the same. I could barely stand
let alone
sit without wanting to hurl so I ask my dad to take Brett to the ER for some relief.
Brett said it was the worst pain he had ever experienced and was thinking of ways to end his life
there at the hospital to make the pain stop. Luckily they gave him medicine in that moment and
the pain was gone within 30 seconds.
Brett came home all drugged and happy again. Our next task was to find a pharmacy
on Christmas Eve. We finally did, (and so did all of goodyear it seemed) the
prescription took
awhile to be filled and I was hopefully that nothing bad would happen if I just went
in to use the bathroom.
I new immediately on my way out of the bathroom that that little walk was not worth it.
I headed back to towards the bathroom and I'm sure you can imagine the rest.
I was determined to end the night on some kind of high. We went to my parents
anyways and
exchange gifts we made for each other. Scott made me a beautiful Salt Lake Temple
picture and Tori got a soft horse pillow. We only stayed for a little and went straight
to bed.

Thankfully we woke up today on Christmas with Brett giving birth to his child
from hell and me
feeling all better. Today has already been times better so far.
I will report more about our Christmas festivities in another post.

Friday, December 18, 2009

Dinning with the Governor

Three different posts today isn't bad. At least I am caught up now!!!

Sunday was my husband's 26th Birthday! Happy Birthday Brett!
On Saturday I took him out to a Durant's steakhouse in Phoenix. It is a super nice place to eat and really good food. While we were about to enjoy our meal in walks our Governor Jane Brewer. Even though we sat two tables away we still say that she celebrated Brett's birthday with us.
On Sunday morning we had some yummy breakfast pizza and Brett got to open his gift. I got him a Grill that he has been eyeballing for awhile. Only down side... we had to assemble it ourselves. There were parts all over our living room. Brett and I worked well together putting it all together. One side is for charcoal the other is gas.
I enjoyed spending the day with him!

Also thanks to my parents who made us dinner and apple pie that night.

His middle name might be Jesus....

If Parker Anderson doesn't hurry up and come his middle name might just be Jesus if he's born on Christmas. ....Well not really. But that seems like when he wants to make his appearance to the world. I had a great time shooting Jenny and Shane's pregnancy pictures. Can't wait to meet my new Nephew! ( pictures soon to come)

Thanksgiving 2009

We had the chance to go to Utah for Thanksgiving. Like I said before in a previous post we haven't all been together in a couple years and it was nice to get to see everyone.
Here were are posing with our new jackets we got from Santa.
Santa came Thanksgiving Eve and surprised us all. We all got matching jackets.
Now I am a stylish mom in my leather jacket.

Brett listing off all the gadgets he wants for Christmas

Santa with all the Grandkids.
In Brett's family they are Major Black Friday shoppers. Well Toys R Us was opening their doors at midnight. Brett's sisters decided they would pull an all nighter. I tried to sleep for an hour around 10pm. (big mistake, that made me even more tired)
So we got to Toys R Us at 11:45 and the line looked like this. If you look closely you can see how far it went back. It was insane! They were only letting like 25 in at a time so we left after we watched the mad rush for the door at midnight.
We then went to Walmart cause we heard if you wanted a particular item you needed to wait in line. So we did! Yep we waited until 5am at walmart! We made friends with the people in line around us. We even used Walkie Talkies to communicate where we were and what we wanted.
Our charts grew and grew with stuff throughout the night. We were secretly grabbing all the items that were suppose to stay wrapped until 5. We made out like Bandits and saved a ton!
We went to a couple different stores before we headed off to bed for a couple hours around 8am

Tori Loves horses and would not let us go by without getting on.
Vic (Brett's dad) is super talented in making stain glass art. He was kind enough to make each of his kids their own. He had them all displayed like a gallery with gold bows on them.
They are a great addition to each of our homes.
Also after our crazy day of shopping and going to the movies we came back and celebrated Randy's and Jayden's birthday!

We all then exchanged gifts between families. Happy Early Christmas to us!
This is a bow holder I made for my nieces.
We went to see the Festival of Lights in Spanish Fork.
Tori loved being on daddy's lap while he drove

Thursday, December 10, 2009

Won't you be my neighbor

The house next door will be for rent next weekend. They are asking around $950 per month for it. It is 1700 square feet 3 bedrooms(huge), 2 bathrooms, and a great room. The greatroom/ kitchen area reminds me a lot of my parents house (if you have ever been there).
I would greatly like some good neighbors this time instead of the strange man that always emerged from the house shirtless and smoking. Let me know if you or someone you know is interested.

Monday, December 7, 2009

Quick Recap

Here is a quick re-cap of Brett's work party on Friday. We had a great time and will never forget the Balloon dance. The party was held at some resort in Tempe. We had great appetizers, and a buffet dinner. Brett and I even did a little karaoke duet to Baby It's Cold Outside.
Somehow I also won a Michael Jackson dance competition. Seriously! We had a wonderful time! Thanks OSAM!
Steve (he was waiting for his date to come back from the bathroom... she never did)
Getting ready for the Balloon Dance Face Off

Ladies and Gentlemen .... the Balloon Dance,between Bob and Sara.

Or here

Sorry the quality is bad I was able to lighten it on
my own computer but cannot make it save here

Friday, December 4, 2009

Gordon Family Photos

For Thanksgiving we were able to go to Brett's parents house in Spanish Fork, UT. Fortunately all of his sisters and their families were able to come as well. It was the first time we have all been together in over three years. So we had to take updated families pictures.
Joyce and Vic
The people who made all this happen
Brad, Stephanie(the oldest sibling), Melissa, Brandon, Kyle
Sterling, Melissa (second oldest), Caitlin, Lewis, Lissa

Tim, Natalie (3rd child) Cody, Ashlee, Hunter, Randy

Tyler, Kristin (4th child), Austin, Jayden, Halle, Brooke
Brett (the youngest) Heather(me) Victoria(Tori)

The Gordon Gang
Grandparents with their 15 grandkids

Trying to get in on their couple's picture

So cute