Monday, March 31, 2008

VTX onesie

Brett found we still had some iron on material left over and decided to make Tori is very own unique onesie. Brett has a honda VTX motorcycle and has the same logo on his motorcycle jacket.  I really shouldn't leave them alone together. Brett says that I am the Blog Master and have to write about everything going on with us, so that is why I am writing about this. Thanks Brett, thanks a lot. 

It is super cute though

Marisela's Wedding

We had the opportunity to take Marisela and Abelardo's wedding pictures. We had a fantastic time and had a lot of fun hanging out with Eddie and Nikki all day. 

The beautiful couple

Motorcycle Trip

This past weekend Brett and I took a motorcycle trip to Tombstone. There was a big motorcycle gathering down there and it was a great excuse to get away. We stopped by the Pima Air Museum and saw some really old airplanes. I do not know the names of any of them so you will have to ask Brett if you want to know. Here are some pictures below. Of course I  forgot to take pictures of us on the motorcycle and even in Tombstone but here is some of what I did take. 

Some Crazy helicopter (above)
This airplane has a windshield wiper (above)

Airforce One (Kennedy's and Johnson's plane)
I'm shooting down the enemy
One of world's smallest airplanes

We are so cute
This is one big airplane
This one is even bigger. (You can barely even see me next to it)

Easter Pics

I had fun again taking pictures of Victoria in her cute Easter Dress. Here are some of my favorites. 

Friday, March 7, 2008

When dad is bored

This is what happens when Brett is bored at home with Tori. 

I come home the other night and Brett and Tori were watching the Suns game. First thing Brett says to me is
"Tori is a Grant Hill fan," he raises her arms in the air and says "Go Grant Hill!!!"
"Tori is a Grant Hill fan!"
He then lifted up her shirt to show me this....
(You can click on the image to make it bigger)
Silly Daddy! I'm not sure if I should leave them home alone or not. But he sure does love her. 

(Hi Daddy!)


I just love watching her sleep. It's really hard for me not to take pictures of her every moment. 

She is still so small in her crib