Wednesday, February 22, 2012

My Manly Man

Like i said before I still needed to post about Brett's birthday. He got pretty spoiled this year and somehow convinced me to get him a bow and arrow. The first picture proves that he was already hitting the bullseye his first try. He had a lot of fun shooting in the morning with his friend Alan and then spending the rest of the day getting a professional massage and hanging out me at one of our favorite restaurants and Landmark.

Since his birthday he has now completely finished school. yeah for no more homework and long days!!!! I am super proud of him. We will be having a big graduation party for him on May 5th after he walks.

So in honor of him turning 28, here are 28 things I love about Brett:

1. He is a great dad
2. great with tech stuff.
3. Always tells the truth
4. looks super hot in his red mazda
5. his lack of a butt.
6. how he lets me shine.
7. rarely complains
8. his chin
9. went on a mission
10. great relationship with his mother
11. super patient with me.
12. puts the comforter on me in the morning
13.makes and completes goals
14. Finished school
15. HARD worker
16. kind
17. loves me
18. tries to teach me new things
19. sings in the car with Tori
20. already has a boys rule motto with Corbin
21. inside jokes
22. always makes good decisions
23. puts his family first
24. fixes things around the house
25. holds me
26. early riser
27. always spoils me
28. Best person ever

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

twenty-twelve resolutions

2012 resolutions
(in no order)

*teach Corbin to walk
*lose 30lbs (picture of Brett and I at senior prom, good motivation)
*go to the temple more
*New recipe a month
February- CHECK
* Make my bed more
* Keep house cleaner
*Read a book
*Join a race
* Send birthday cards to all family members
*Build photo business
*learn more photoshop
*have Tori eat better
* have Tori brush her teeth more
*Read more with Tori
*Get a backyard
*save money
*be the best primary teacher
*get a tan
*have more productive mornings.