Friday, January 22, 2010

2 year old Birthday Princess

This year for Tori's Birthday I maybe had a little more fun then she did. I love that we are able to communicate with each other and go out and have fun.
Her Birthday was on a Thursday this year so we did stuff as a family that day and then had the extended family over on Saturday to party.
This is her getting ready to see Princess and the Frog.
Halle and Tori had matching outfits when we went to the movies.
Tori did really well sitting through the movie.
She was dancing along with them at the end of it.
Birthday Princess crown
Grandma Gordon gave Tori a gift card to Build-a-bear.
She was so excited to play with her dog.
She needed to wash her dog.
She was on patient enough for us to put any clothes on the dog so we ended up with two dogs and a leash to pull them around.
helping dad name them

On Saturday we took her to the Wildlife World Zoo.
My dad, mom, brother and sister came with us as well.
These macaws sounded just like Tori squealing. It was pretty funny.
hanging out with the penguins

feeding the giraffe's
2nd ride on the carousel
looking for animals to pet.
umm.. which one to pet?
Since she is so into animals I got her, her own dog cake

and I made a cake for everyone else
getting ready to blow out her candle

she got another puppy for her birthday.
She is giving it kisses.
she also got a horse to carry around.
She is mad that she can't carry around her rocking horse that she got for Christmas so we got her a smaller one for her birthday

we wore everyone out after the zoo.
We came back and had a BBQ and watched the Cardinals loss.

Christmas Festivities 2009

I don't care that this post is a month old. I am finally getting around to doing it.

This year we were able to actually put lights up on our own house. We have never puts lights up before and I was super excited. I bought a bunch of lights after Christmas last year and we finally get to put them to good use.
I love my house with Christmas lights up.
Our beautiful tree and our giant stockings
I received a new calling, and now I am on the Activities Committee for my ward.
I was in charge of the program and decorations.
I think it turned out great.
Vanessa Campbell in my ward made all the centerpieces for each table.
Each had three candles and a nativity set.
We are pretty sure Tori thought Santa was her Grandpa because she kept running up to him and laying her head on him. It was so sweet.
Christmas Day was great. We were both no longer sick and could enjoy the day.
Tori got a little puppy.
Brett got tickets to MacWorld in San Fran that is coming up here in Feb.
The tickets were wrapped up in this shirt.
She also got a cart and lots of crap to put in it.

This is her favorite present. Her horse or (Nay) as she refers to it.

Brett got a bunch of clothes and a new mouse for his computer.
I got an IPOD docking station, running shoes, and pans.
It was a great Christmas!

We went over the Kristin's house in the morning to have breakfast with her family.
Tori loved chasing Halle around the house and also the remote control cars.

At night Jenny and Shane and new baby Parker were released from the hospital.
We made the trek out to Queen Creek that evening to see the newest addition.
Uncle Scott, and Papa with Parker
We exchanged some gifts over there as well

I made the desserts and they turned out great. Maybe I will post the recipe later.
Thanks Brittany for the great idea!

Friday, January 8, 2010

Who does she look like?

Where does she get great looks many people ask me...... Well the truth lies in the pictures.
One is me one is Tori. Can you tell the difference?

christmas eve part 2

Besides all of our horrible events on Christmas Eve, my new nephew Parker Easton Anderson was born. He was 7lbs 9oz. Born at 10:28am. He is a doll as you can see. Everything went smooth in the hospital and they were able to come home on Christmas! Tori already loves being the older cousin by gently giving him kissing on the head. Congrats Jenny and Shane on producing a beautiful little boy!

In no particular order of my favorites, maybe I love them even more because I bought the cute hats for him, I'm just a proud Aunt: