Tuesday, March 17, 2009


I have recently been going through all my old CD's full of pictures and uploaded them to my computer. Looking through all my pictures really brought back some memories. I thought I would share some. 
This picture was taken at my 21st b-day. My friends decided to recreate formal nights on my cruise ship since I had just returned from there.  They even decorated their whole house in hawaiian decor. It was super thoughtful.
These were taken at our Sarival Ward campout. 
Gotta love siblings. 
Do you recognize anyone?
Having fun in the woods. 
These are some random pictures I took in Hawaii.
My one and only coconut I like.
San Fran Bridge
Black Sand beach

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Blast from my past

I'm very thankful for the internet. Because of it I am able to keep contact with friends in the past and current friends. I pretty much know what everyone in my graduating class is up too still. 

My senior year I had a best friend named Alyson Bridge, we were attached at the hip that year, but after senior year and when I moved to Goodyear we lost contact. I was able to find her online, and wow what a story to share. 

She is currently starring in a reality television called WCG Ultimate Gamer on the SciFi channel on Tuesday nights. The first episode hired this week. You can check out the show on Hulu.com

Her audition tape is on Hulu as well: 

The show is actually pretty interesting. It's all about video games, you compete against different people on all sorts of video games and then also have to play that video game in a real life scenario.  I now have a new favorite show to look forward to each week. Go Alyson!

Probably some of my favorite memories of her is when she got sick with Chicken Pox's senior year and after missing a couple days came to school with a sign hanging from her neck that said something like I have chicken poxs now leave me alone.  Or her car that didn't have AC, radio, automatic window, and didn't reverse, We would always open the doors and start pushing the car backwards with our feet. It was a pretty funny scene. 

I have a bunch of pictures of us together but one a few that are actually digital. 
Alyson eating sand. She would do anything for a picture
Alyson's on the show intro.  I love the long hair now. 

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Mickey Mouse you got Served.


Check out this video. It's pretty funny. 
Julie Harrison you are going to love this!


Well I have certainly been busy this past week. Brett went out of town to Cleveland to get another computer certificate and me and Tori had to find things to keep us entertained for the week. 
So I did what I do best. I worked on crafts. Here are some pictures of what I did. 

Easter project

I actually made this project for Tori's birthday but I have not taken a picture of it yet. 

Before and after

I can't put anything on top of my coffee table now because Tori just knocks it over 
So I decided to put some of mine and Brett's favorite pictures we've taken. 
(Thanks Becki for the idea)

Before and After

I got this table and chair set from my neighbor when they moved and redid the whole thing. 
Now I have a fancy place to sit outside.