Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Goodbye, Hello

Goodbye to our Hyundai Tucson

Hello to our new Ford Fusion
(this is not the actual picture of ours. Just one i found online)

I love my new Ford Fusion. It's very smooth and comfortable. Trunk space is amazing as well. It gets great gas mileage. It's a wonderful little family car.

I know I am horrible

My Mac computer has been down on and off the past couple weeks. That computer has all my pictures on it and I feel like I can't post something else it has a picture to go along with it.

Brett and I have just been busy at work and doing stuff around the house.

Brett works Monday-Friday 7-3:30 I work Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday and Saturday from 4 until whenever. So we really only get to spend together a couple nights a week and all day Sunday.

During our time together we have now started a new television series called Jericho. It's pretty addicting. It's about this little town in Kansas called Jericho and what they go through after a couple major cities in the US get blown up. Of course it has it's heroes and enemies. Check it out if the have the time. We are now on disk 5 of the 1st season. Ha... I just found a picture to go with this.

More posts to come soon.