Wednesday, June 25, 2008


We are official out of our apartment. Man, are we tired. Everything went very smoothly on Saturday we had the truck packed in 45 minutes and unpacked in 20. It was extremely hot but no one complained. Thanks to everyone who helped. Especially Tyler who got us his work truck to haul all of our stuff. You're the best. 
Now I'm just finishing putting everything in its place. Our new  home is twice as big as our last one. I'm still getting use to using all the extra space and not storing it in the same place I had before. Brett loves having his "Man's room" back, and a garage that already had cabinets built in. 

I need to keep telling myself that not everything has to be put away in the first 3 days.
I keep wearing myself out each day by doing so much. Today hasn't started off relaxing either. I just can't seem to stop until everything is done. 

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Last Sunday

Last week was our last Sunday in the Hampton Ward. Brett and I were in charge of teaching the 5 year olds together. We had so much fun with them. They would say the cutest things. Especially Caitlyn on the left, when asked who the President of the United States was, replied "Jesus!"  We will miss you.   Thanks for all the laughs and the preparation for parenthood. 
Caitlyn, Joey, Jessica, Regan, Kinsey, (Bella and Thomas not in picture.)

Glenda's Memorial

This past April my grandmother passed away. She was a wonderful woman but she battled many illnesses the last couple years and her passing was certain. She lived in Virginia and her last wishes was to have her ashes spread in Arizona. My dad found a beautiful place in Goodyear at this desert park. We had a wonderful ceremony on Saturday morning in the desert landscape. All of my family from all over the states came down. We all stayed at the beautiful Wigwam.  We all had fun hanging out and getting to know each other more. Most of us got a little too much sun at the pool. 

Great Grandpa Pohl and Tori

Grandpa Williams telling a story
Great Great Aunt Vicki 
She loved holding Tori. 
Tori is in the last blanket that Glenda Pohl made. 
May she rest in peace.

Father's Day

Happy Father's Day to all the father's out there. Especially to Brett on his FIRST father's day. Tori and I were really secretive and went out and took pictures for Brett's gift. We found a tiny motorcycle jacket at build a bear that fit her perfectly.  The pictures came out wonderful (Thanks Liz) The pictures pretty much speak for themselves. She is just getting cuter and cuter.  

Thursday, June 5, 2008

We're Moving!

We have finally found a place to live in Goodyear AZ. We are going to be renting a home there and we great a super good deal. Our landlords are in my parents ward and they are the nicest people ever. Our new home will have plenty of room for our little family to grow. 
We are moving on the 21st of this month and if anyone can help that day please let me know. 
Thanks : )

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

It's too light in here.

I laid Tori down to take a nap when she was half asleep. I went in to check on her a little later and this is what I found. 
Brett thinks she just pulled the flower over her eye because it was too light in there.  She is so funny and brings so much joy to our life. 

Rachel's b-day

Rachel is now 10 years old! Yeah!!! Happy Birthday to Aunt Rachel. We had a blast bowling. My first game I bowled the best game of my life. It was only 151 but anything over 100 is good for me. Nate tried to beat my score but he was unsuccessful even with bumpers. 


We decided to try feeding Tori some baby cereal. It hasn't really gone that well. She pretty much spits everything out once we put it in her mouth. The pictures speak for themselves. 

new jumper

I got this jumper for Tori and she loves it. Her legs are getting so strong. She is also holding her new doll. She loves holding it and sucking on it.