Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Video time

These videos totally show her personality. Brett and I love that she knows how to use the iPod touch so well. It's great cause we don't have to help her anymore.
She also loves to sing in the car and I was able to finally take a video of it.

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

The apple of my eye...

At our house it's all about TORI, ALL THE TIME!
(here is for all you people requesting more Tori photos)

Utah: part 3

My family and I drove up to Utah. We picked up Nate in Flagstaff. It was really nice hanging out with my family. Too bad Jenny couldn't come with us though.
My mom had been thinking about hiking zion's and bryce all summer long and the rest of us were there to keep her company.

We walked all along Zion's. Everyone but Tori and I did a river walk.
They had a lot of fun doing that.

The next day we went to my cousin Trevor's wedding.
My cousin Megan

My cousin Audrey, Aunt Tika, cousin Megan

Scott was so sweet putting his arm around Grandma
We found a little park by the Salt Lake temple. I think it's called Memory Park.
It was sooooo beautiful there and a perfect place to take picture. I'm pretty sure there was 22 brides there taking pictures.

My grammie and dad posing like celebrities.

My uncle Sten has a huge back yard. With a big hill and huge sandbox. All the cousins and grandkids had a ton of fun. We even had a impromptu kick ball game.
The kick ball game was the highlight of my trip.
We went on another hike around Provo with my cousin and her kids.
Her twins stayed asleep most the hike.

The last day Tori got to see some horses and frog with Aunt Natalie.
That was probably her highlight of the trip.