Thursday, November 20, 2008

Primary Program: I'm a child of God

So after one month of being assigned to my new calling in the Primary Presidency I was told I was in charge of writing the primary program.  What? Really? Me? Are you sure Julie? Well we pushed the date back as far as we could to give me time and help the kids to memorize their parts. 
We had our program this Sunday and it was a hit. There was some divine intervention that went on because the rehearsals didn't go that great.  But I guess and bad rehearsal makes for a great performance. 
It went sooooo smoothly. There is nothing that I would have changed about it. 

Some of my highlights were:

      *Sitting behind the podium, making the kids smile and sing, and only they could see me.
      *The song If the Savior Stood beside Me while a flute played along.(brought a tear to my eye)
      *First part of the program that ended in a girl saying "I'm Taylor, I am a comedian, but most importantly".... and every child stood up and sang I am Child of God without the piano. 
       *Or when they put on missionary name tags when they sung Called to Serve
        *Or when they held up pictures of All the prophets when they sung We Thank Thee O God for a Prophet. 

Can you tell that I am proud? I am so proud of my primary. They did a great job. I am overcome with happiness. 
Thank You!

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Nate is 20!!I

Just wanted to give a shout out to Nate Dawg who is now 20 years old! I'm glad I got to spend time with you on your birthday day. Party like a rock star!
Also congrats on finally getting your braces off. It's been, what..... 10 years since you got them on? Congrats!!!

10 months old

Oh man time is flying by so fast. 
My baby is already 10 months old. And around 19 1/2 pounds.
She is getting bigger and bigger everyday. 
She still can't crawl yet but I'm totally okay with that. 
She is eating more baby food now and sings instead of cries when she wakes up. 
I love her. 

Veteran's Day

This was the first year that I have ever really done anything for Veteran's Day. I went with Nikki and her son Benjamin to the huge Veteran's Day Parade in downtown Phoenix. 
(Thanks for the great idea Nikki)
I had a lot of fun being patriotic. Tori loved the marching bands and all the colorful floats. 
There were so many entries that we had to leave an hour early because Tori was getting tired and we had already been there 2 1/2 hours. We enjoyed our cotton candy, hotdogs, and waving our flags around. 
Thanks to all of our Veteran's. I'm proud to be an American!!!

Benjamin was actually really excited in this picture. 

Saturday, November 8, 2008

Is Christmas still in December?

So I was driving home from work last night and I love to listen to Dalilah on 99.9. I like her heart felt dedication songs on my way home and knowing that people truly care about others. However, due to my surprise, they have already started to play their Christmas jingles. It's November 7th PEOPLE. This particular station fulfills AZ holiday Christmas carol needs (during Christmas time).I thought to myself okay having one song every now and then is okay but it was one continuous Christmas song after another. Apparently they decided to not wait until after Thanksgiving and start right after Halloween. 
Don't get me wrong I LOVE LOVE LOVE Christmas song. But come on. It's a bit early don't you think. Two straight months of Christmas carols??? Okay!?!
Maybe next year they will start after Labor Day.

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Chicken Little

So I just found out that my chicken little just won the University of Phoenix Halloween costume contest. Yeah!!!
I have to give credit to Brett for the Chicken outfit. Last year when I was pregnant we saw a 
fluffy chicken outfit at Babies R Us and Brett fell in love with it. I was against it at first but he said if I let him pick the first year's outfit for Halloween I could have the rest. 
So I gave in obviously and I'm super happy I did. 
I love my chicken little. 

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Happy Halloween

Hope everyone had a great Halloween. We sure did. We actually had our ward Trunk or Treat on Thursday. There were lots of people there and it was great hanging out with our family and friends. Our ward had a chili cook off and Brett won the spiciest chili. Good job Babe. Tori also won the cutest costume award. Her costume was so warm she could only wear it for a little bit. 
Tori with Uncle Nate and Shalene. 
Tori loved Elmo's outfit. 

My Parents
Tori was smaller then pumpkin head. (So cute)

UOP had a Halloween Festival on Friday during the day. We went to visit all of my old co-workers. It was so nice to see everyone again. 
Silly Gary Parker dressed up as Santa. (Thanks for the candy cane)
Hey Jenny Mae! We love the purple hair.