Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Baby Shower #2

At the beginning of April I had my baby shower. It was great fun and i am forever in debt to the people who helped me out so much.

Vanessa Campbell, in my ward, made my cake. It was AMAZING!
To see how she did it click here.
It tasted as wonderful as it looked.

tori ate each animal like they were suckers.
My mom ran with the whole Noah's Ark theme from Corbin's room and made the rainbow platters. it was such a cute theme.

Kristin, Brett's sister, even made the punch to match the theme.

the girls did a wonderful job decorating my front room.
The streamers are still up, I can't bring myself to taking them down, maybe after Corbin is born.

My friend Nikki

Brett's sister Kristin and my mom.

Tiffany Haynie and her little boy Jack.

Heidi Larkin, Julie Harrison, and Maylene Gishey

Work friends and church friends.

Work friends.

Me and Cassandra.
I had such a great turn and am truly grateful for all the support! I had such a blast!
I am sure glad I did it when I did cause I have no energy now.
Thanks again to my mom, kristin, nikole, tiff, and Jenny for helping me put it all together.

Corbin's Room.

After many months of trying to figure out what to do with Corbin's Nursery I came across this beauty at Kirkland's. I knew instantly that by nursery was going to be based around this picture.
I also found these pictures at Kirkland's and over time finally purchased all of them.
a couple weeks later i found this beautiful crib set at Toys R Us and knew that it was meant to be.
With some painting technique help from my friend Jessica I decided how to paint it.
Brett said it seemed like I was painting forever. I even had the help of jessica, my mom, and my visiting teacher S. Felton.
It still took me a good week and a half to finish.
My dad and Brett also put in the chair rail for me. Thanks guys!

I found these beauties at a garage sale. I was going to originally repaint them but they seem to actually fit right in with the decor!
After random trips to Ross, Hobby Lobby, and what not, Corbin's room is complete. I could not be happier with it.

We did purchase the crib new from Amazon.

We also inherited this changing table from Brett's Sisters

Zoo with Preschool

Back in March we went to the zoo with Tori's Preschool. Tori was pretty much in heaven there. She did not want to leave at all. Thanks Kristin for teaching her so much!

Disneyland with Pixie

Back in February My best friend Cassandra and I decided to take a last minute trip to Disneyland with our girls. She has a daughter (Pixie) who is 6 months younger than Tori.
They had so much fun together. We also had fun catching up as well.

Deciding on where we should go next.

We had Breakfast again with Minnie and friends.
This is Tori with the fairy godmother.

Pixie was not camera shy at all.

Tori with Silvermist the fairy
Tinkerbell and Pixie

We were the only ones on the Pirates of the Carribiean(sp?) ride.

Pixie had a once in a lifetime moment with Mickey Mouse. He stole her away skipped across the street and waiting in line to introduce her to Minnie. She was the only one to get a picture with both. it was awesome.

Tori and I got both got very very sick at Disneyland so we had to shorten the trip a little.
It was so much fun to go with just the girls. I hope to maybe to be able to do it again sometime. : )